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Chicken finger meal  includes:

chicken fingers 

Macaroni and cheese

corn on the cob

Green beans or a vegetable of choice

Banana Pudding for dessert

Taco Bar 

Shredded chicken or beef 

soft /hard taco shells




Guacamole top it off with sour cream

Key Lime pie for dessert


Mama Laura has a variety of salads and sides to choose from , mix and match, to order your family's favorites. 


Twice baked potato salad. This salad has all the goodies of a twice baked potato.  Bacon, cheese, green onions, sour cream and a creamy ranch dressing flavor.  Makes a great side for pork, seafood or beef.  

Traditional potato salad.  This is a southern favorite made with dill pickles and olives and lots of hard boiled egg.  Better than any deli potato salad out there.  

Marinated Cole Slaw

This recipe is one people often ask for and have said its the best Cole slaw they have ever eaten.  Its a mix of cabbage , bell peppers and sweet onions and it marinates for 24 hours.  Delicious

Traditional Dinner Salad

Mixed salad greens with tomatoes, bell pepper , onions and cucumbers.  

Seasonal fruit can be added for your taste.  

Green bean bundles 

Green beans wrapped in bacon and baked in sweet and sour sauce. 

Fried okra

Fresh okra lightly mealed and deep fried to a crispy perfection. 

Mixed vegetable medley 

A mix of seasonal vegetables , lightly sautéed.  

Roasted vegetables

Vegetables roasted for a great taste.  Choose a mix or a single from potatoes, 

squash, eggplant , brussel sprouts, onions, mushrooms, beets. 

Collard greens 

These traditional southern greens go well with just about anything. 

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